Join the  Pro-Life Generation & Pledge to Vote Pro-Life First!

Elect a pro-life President and U.S. Senate who will appoint and confirm pro-life Supreme Court Justices.

Elect a pro-life House of Representatives to finally defund Planned Parenthood of our tax dollars.

Elect pro-life legislators and governors to state houses who will decide if abortion remains legal in their state once Roe is gone.

In 2020, it’s all on the line as our nation will decide if we will…

It’s time your words, actions, and VOTE reflected your belief that ALL LIFE has value.

  • Every day, the lives of 2,300 preborn boys and girls are ended by abortion.

  • 60 million (and counting) legal abortions have been committed in America since 1973.

  • In New York City, more Black babies are aborted than born each day.

  • 46% of abortions are committed on women less than 25 years of age.

  • 95% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy “services” were abortions in 2018-2019.

Know the Numbers

Understand the Facts

  • Up to 1/5 of our generation is missing because of abortion.

  • Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion vendor, was founded by a racist who continues her legacy today by locating more than 80% of their abortion facilities in minority neighborhoods.

  • The abortion industry has robbed women of motherhood by preaching lies and fear, cheated you out of your hard-earned money by taking tax dollars, and created a culture where those who are stronger get to determine the value and worth of those younger and weaker.

Will you Pledge To Vote Pro-Life First?

  • But We Need You to Do More than PLEDGE.
    We Need You to ACT.

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    Ensure America Votes Pro-Life First in 2020…
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Yes, I Pledge!

Thank You for Speaking Out for the Voiceless!

To Republican & Democratic National Committee Leaders:
Whereas, I know there are many issues that voters must care about on election day, but none end more lives than abortion.
Whereas, If a candidate doesn’t understand that every abortion ends a human life that has value and purpose, then I know I can’t trust him or her to make the decisions political leaders are called to make.
Whereas, I know being pro-life is not being part of one political party. We need both parties, Republican & Democrat, protecting children and offering help to pregnant and parenting mothers in need.
Therefore, I’m pledging to always Vote Pro-Life First, and I call on both the Republican and Democratic parties to commit to only supporting candidates who pledge to end the violence of abortion and nominate judicial representatives who respect life in law.

Here’s the deal: Being pro-life is not itself a political stance. But the politics of abortion cannot be ignored. The Supreme Court legalized this horrible atrocity in 1973 with the passage of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. And the Supreme Court has the power to reverse those terrible decisions.

How the Supreme Court decides is what's at stake in November.

We need to end Roe’s era of tyranny over America.

This is why voting pro-life first is of utmost importance. Not only does it allow for the passage of pro-life laws, but it’s what put us in a position to put a Justice on the bench who protects life in law.  




Will you sign your name and pledge to be a Pro-Life First voter in every election, big and small, and encourage both parties to stand against abortion?  

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